We came across Veronika when my husband decided «Enough is enough» and started a long journey of regaining his slim youthful body (shredding 20 extra kilos along the way).

She provided professional assistance to his workout regime as well as useful tips regarding nutrition and general well-being. To sum it up - I am convinced it was Veronika's help and assistance that made my husband endure progress and finally reach his aim. Not only he is «Old Slim Himself» again but he is generally healthy and much happier man than he used to be.

Not to fall behind my newly youthful looking husband, I also started working out with Veronika and frankly speaking, it is thanks to her that I still resemble a well built woman, not to mention - a healthy one! Years of staying at home, taking care of family and our youngest daughter have resulted in me being slightly overweight and totally unfit. Add the natural propensity to sedentary life, reading books and eating freshly baked cakes... you get the picture!

Working (out) with Veronika has opened me to the world of physical activity; how to enjoy it and how to achieve health the most natural way. The best part of Vero's approach is that it is not one-sided and only focused to the gym performance; one does lots of exercises but she helps you in discovering the whole new world of healthy nutrition and how to work on general body-mind balance. Her vision is very holistic and she understands that the general picture of one's well being is much wider - Veronika works towards establishing a life-style that is going be the way you live for the next 20-30 years, not just reaching a shortlived immediate effects. Most importantly, working out with her one actually starts enjoying it! She is not going to push your 50 ys old body to perform as a 20 ys old Olympic goddess but on the other hand, it is not going to be an easy ride either! Vero is ambitious enough to make you sweat and outperform you wildest expectations!

Recently, our adult son has joined Veronika's training sessions as well. Truth to be told, if there is anyone who can make him stop abusing his IT-strained body, it must be her! (Think sitting in front of the computer for ten hours since he was seven). Young people often take their 'obedient' healthy bodies for granted and I am afraid he is going to be the hardest nut to break in our family. However, just seeing him in the gym (plus cutting down hectoliters of Coca-Cola he used to consume on daily basis), is already a success. Most importantly, if he learns to work with his body, with his mind in fact that will make him wish to run in his middle age, as a mother I will be happy. Veronika is certainly one of the best people who can inspire him in that direction.