I have never understood girls who attended a gym 3 times a week and couldn’t live without it. Everything changed when I met a petite brunette, Veronika. Already after the first work out, I knew that it could work here.

Veronika is not only a trainer of the body, but also of the soul, and the whole process working out is very complex, and she can adapt to my actual physical and mental state. She is for me not a trainer and coach only who helps me to achieve a figure of my dreams, but also a friend.

I wouldn’t believe before that working out in the gym could bring me so many positives feelings. It puts me in order, and it helps me to cope with stress which with my work there is quite a lot. I went so crazy with working out that I packed my trainer for my holidays in Mallorca with me. It was perfect! There’s nothing better than working out on the beach by the azure blue sea.