I always wanted to look good and to have a slim figure. I tried various diets and worked out on my own, but it was still not happening, I found a trainer to get some training plan, but still none of this helped me to reach my dream.

Then 2 years ago I finally met a person who turned my life upside down – in a good way. Thanks to her I found out that it’s not about having a great figure only (this is just a bonus), but it is also about settings goals in my life. It’s about my physical and mental state. It’s not only about working hard in fitness and the gym, but also about food, time of going to bed, internal worries, if one is really happy, and many other factors. It was a challenge for me; I could feel it. With Veronika’s help, I managed to do it. Veronika was like a guide along my journey. Slowly we changed my eating habits, and we started to work out on regular basis. Veronika was passing so much info and experiences on to me and if some problem in my personal life had occurred, she would sit and listen to me, gave me some advice and supported me greatly. Already after one year I could see big changes. Not only I got a figure of my dream but also I was feeling full of energy, healthy and self-confident. Even my back pain was gone, I wasn’t tired so often anymore, and I got rid of dermatitis. Mostly I gained a friendship with such an inspiring and amazing person like Veronika. I admire her resolution and strength and how she helps others along her journey.