Professional certifications



Spirální Stabilizace (SM systém) Základní cviky 1A, 1B

Spirální Stabilizace (SM systém) Manuální techniky 1C,1D                      


2017 - 2019

School of Clinical Naturopathy (CR)
Clinical Nutrition Medicine                                                           


Nervous System Resiliency (CR)
The Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (Defacilitation of Nervous System of traumatized and shocked people)
Lektor: Roger Gilchrist, MA, RCTS (New York)



C.H.E.K. Institute (NSW, Austrálie)
CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Program 1
(lector, Donal Carr)

TONUS Institute, Praha
Health Support and Traditional Chinese Approach in Fitness
(lector, PaedDr. Petr Tlapák, CSc.)

2013 - 2020

Kinesiologic principles and Physiotherapy (CR)
Transferring kinesiologic principles into fitness and sports
Supervision: Regular weekly supervision under the leadership of PhDr. Jiří Čumpelík, Ph.D. 



The CHEK Inspire Conference (UK)
Presenter: Paul Chek, Warren Williams, Leigh Brandon
Matthew Wallden, Tom Jacobs, Gavin Jennings
Greg Muller, Duncan Reeve, Jennie Delbridge

CHEK Europe (UK)
CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Program 3
(lektor Paul Chek)

CHEK Europe (UK)
CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Program 2
(lektor Angie Lustrick)



World Class Health Academy (Prague, Czech Republic)
Business and Strategic selling communication - BASIC (I.- IV. Module)
(lector, Mgr.Jan Chotěborský)

World Class Health Academy (Prague, Czech Republic)
Physiotherapy and Developmental Kinesiology in Fitness
(lector, Mgr. Dan Sobotka)

Face Czech Academy (Prague, Czech Republic)
(lector, Mgr.Zbyněk Petr)

Face Czech Academy (Prague, Czech Republic)
FLOWIN® Dynamic
(lector, Mgr.Zbyněk Petr)

Face Czech Academy (Prague, Czech Republic)
Functional Anatomy I, II
(lector, Mgr.Ivana Brádková)
www.faceczech.czOne day course focused on functional anatomy in Fintess.

Face Czech Academy (Prague, Czech Republic)
CORE workshop
(lector, Mgr.Daniel Müller)

Face Czech Academy (Prague, Czech Republic)
BOSU® Core
(lector, Mgr.Daniel Müller)

3D FITNESS (Prague, Czech Republic)
Post-Convetional Workshop – Club management day
(lector, Steve Jack)

Health by Purification (Prague, Czech Republic)
(lector, Dr. h. c. Petr Jentschura)


3D FITNESS (Prague, Czech Republic)
Congress a Fitness Expo 2011

Tonus Institute
Conference TONUS 2011


3D FITNESS (Zamberk, Czech Republic)
TRX® Suspension Training Course
(lector Mgr. Jakub Wurzel)



FLOWIN Academy of Sweden (Malmo, Sweden)
Flowin® Master Training Course
(lector Robert Warff + team)

3D FITNESS (Prague, Czech Republic)
Pre-Convention Workshop of Functional training
(lector, Steve Jack)

Pilates Instructor of Level 1, 2; MAT I – III and Ron Fletcher Towelwork
(lector, Renata Sabongui)



FIA-Fitness Institute Australia (Sydney, Australia)
Certificate in Fitness, Advanced Senior First Aid


Professional carrier

2017 - to present

Primal code s.r.o.
Holistic Lifestyle & Movement Coach

2014 - 2017

Jan Kareš Fitness
Holistic Lifestyle & Fitness Coach

2011 - 2015

Petr Stach Fitness Institute (Prague, Czech Republic)
Lector on seminars: Functional training on suspension and sliding systems  

2007 - 2014

World Class Health Academy, Marriott Hotel (Prague, Czech Republic)
Personal Trainer, Group Instructor


Pro Zeny (Prague, Czech Republic)
Internet TV show “Slimming Commando” (Hubnouci Komando)


Lector on Flowin® courses and workshops (Prague, Czech Republic)


Flowin® Tour 2009 (Czech Republic)
(organizer David Huf - Master of the World in Sport Aerobic)

2009 - 2013

BNV consulting (Prague, Czech Republic)
Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Coach