I met Veronika 6 years ago in World Class in Prague. In three years of regular work outs, she put me in perfect shape after my first baby was born; I have never felt so positive about myself and my body. Veronika is a very inspiring and creative person who has been always working on herself, and she has been developing. Her personal and professional development during last eight years is amazing.

After 3 years, when I moved to Norway, gave a birth to my second child, and the third one I embraced from my previous relationship of my new husband. I became a full-time, devoted housewife. As a woman who repressed herself and her needs who had no time herself, physical activity, or taking care of herself as a woman – it all started to drag me down to severe depression. We were still in contact with Veronika, so I asked her for help, to come to me and get my life back together. I had no idea what to expect from Veronika’s plans. It gives me a goose bumps when I realize what my life was before Veronika’s arrival and what turnaround I got after she left. Veronika was a catalyst of all my life. Not only did she help me to settle relationships with my beloved ones, but also she helped me to realize what I want in my life.

And where did we start? In the kitchen!

1) We spent the first day cleaning up the kitchen. The we went through and separated and got rid of all inappropriate, expired food from the fridge and kitchen cabinets, the more my negative emotions and thoughts went out of me. I felt that it wasn’t just about a kitchen cleaning, but also a cleaning up in my head, heart, and emotions. The waft of freshness, new energy was so refreshing that after the first day with Veronika, I was finally gifted with a calm and deep sleep after a long time.

2) The next day, after Veronika made us all a healthy breakfast, we went shopping at the healthy bio store. While there, Veronika showed me where I could find the food, what to buy, what to combine with, what to avoid, and she explained what new products to substitute for items from my old kitchen. It was a completely new world and view for me. I realized how much I burden my body with inappropriate food and how much my old eating habits exhausted me. Food was taking my energy instead to giving it to me. And how little energy remained for my family then. Later at home we filled up empty cabinets and fridge.

3) Part of my transformation was for me to learn to cook with new food. Veronika taught me few tips for breakfast, lunch and dinners. After years I learned to have my breakfast and to make my favorite ritual out of it. Her approach comes from naturalness and simplicity.

4) Also, the preparation of a raw cake was integral to this, then banana bread baking for my kids, and mixing their own, gluten-free muesli.

5) Also, the physical activity wasn’t excluded. I needed it very badly. My back suffers a lot. The first day Veronika worked on my body posture, I learned how to breathe properly and how to include my abdominal muscles. I relaxed my overloaded muscles, lower back, chest muscles and hip area. I strengthened the weakened muscles, in my case of upper back. Then next day, Veronika took me and my friend to work out in nature. And also we did work outs on FLOWIN at home. My husband also got involved in all of the physical activities!

6) Those few days with Veronika, even if it can sound like cliché, completely changed my life. My life will never be the same as it was before Veronika’s arrival. I can feel that I left that old Andrea was somewhere far away, and under Veronika’s supervision I came out of my greyness and I accepted the responsibility for myself and my life. I am very grateful to her, and my family too. Thank you☺