It is important for every woman to feel and look good. Of course, everyone has different demands for his/her body and look. My look is important for my work; it is a part of my lifestyle and my image.

I need to be in a good shape, to be able to rely and trust my body. My trainer ,Veronika, has been taking care of all of these demands. She has been looking after me since I was pregnant. To work out during pregnancy made my life much easier, and it helped me get used to the new situation and my body condition. I was afraid that my ‘aquarium’ would remove me from my life and movement. And thanks to Veronika, everything was exactly the opposite! I am a type of person who needs supervision and discipline when working out. In fact, I have been living very busy life, and it is the supervision and regular work outs with Veronika that gives my life its much needed order.