As an artist, I have a different daily regime, and I often travel for work. To be in a good shape with physical and health state is for me one of the three the most important levels of life - spiritual, mental, physical, which ensure a balance in my life. A healthy spirit is a healthy body.

I am very grateful to Veronika for realizing how a spiritual strength is related to self-overcoming during our working out. Every work out with Veronika is a pleasure for me, mostly thanks to her creative and personal approach. I admire her never-ending search for inspiration in her professional and personal life. Every session is a once-in-a-lifetime session, and she always surprises me nicely with a new variation of working out and stretching.

One story talks about two monks when they were arguing about a flag.
One said: ‘The flag is moving.’
The other said: ‘The wind is moving.’
A master Lin-chi was passing by. He stopped and said: ‘No flag, nor wind – the mind is moving!’

Veronika means the right ‘wind’ for me. Working out means for me a meditation of body and a strengthening of spirit while the mind is resting. I am fulfilled with life energy, and I can feel an inner harmony with myself and the outside world. We are super girls! :)