Veronika is my online lifestyle and fitness coach. Thanks to regular work outs and consultations about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy food, she got me back into good shape after my pregnancy.

Not only did I achieve an overall strengthening and slimming down of my figure under her supervision, but also I have found my inner balance. I have more energy, which I need every day for my son, better coping with stress, better perception, and an understanding of my body. My at home workouts which Veronika put together for me is for me are a perfect combination of effectiveness and time saving – I am a working mother, so I can do my work outs anytime during the day. I don’t have to commute to a fitness center, which is a great advantage for me as I can dedicate this saved time to my son and to housework. Thanks to the training under Veronika’s supervision and my improved physical fitness, I had also the courage to do more demanding sports like windsurfing. Veronika is not only the top in her profession, but she also knows how to greatly encourage and psychically support someone, which is very important to change someone’s lifestyle.