Veronika Tichá

Veronika Tichá

Holistic Lifestyle & Fitness Coach


Who I am

Veronika Tichá, first Certificated Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3 in Czech Republic, Fitness trainer, Master Trainer FLOWIN®, TRX instructor and others (see Qualifications).

I am a Holistic Lifestyle and Fitness Coach providing consultations in the field of physical activity, nutrition and general lifestyle. I will guide you along your life’s journey, and I will give you advice on how to develop and maintain your health, physical condition, and emotional and mental stability. I will always do my best to help you to improve, put your life on the right track, put yourself in balance, and normalize the areas of your life which are not in balance. To assure a high quality training, I opened with my partner our own studio in Prague 7. More on information on

I am very honored to be a part of your healing journey in any area of your life.

My philosophy

I would like:

  • To inspire you to an internal desire to improve the quality of your life.
  • To show you how you can improve your health, your life, and the lives of your beloved ones with your hard work.
  • To awake the forgotten self in you.
  • To urge you onto higher performance, goals, and motivate you to work constantly on the development of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body.
  • To teach you to be responsible for your life, appearance, and health.
  • To help you realize that your child perceives or will one day perceive his/her world through your eyes. That is why taking care of yourself and being responsible for your life are the only investments which will be passed down from generation to generation and which will keep your life in world long after you are not here anymore.

Is this investment worth it?


My life mission

My life is my work. I am a living example of my philosophy. I live what I pass on.

To become the best coach for you I have to know who I am. Literally – to be able to ‘clean up’ your life and your body, I have to have mine cleaned up first. Because only I am responsible for my body, my health, my life, and my decisions. I live, what I pass on.

Beyond all was How and Why

For most of my life I kept asking myself about the meaning of things we do in our life. Why are some people always ill and others are not? Why are some people happy and others are not? Why are some people successful and others are not? And why are some people afraid and some are not? What are the reasons of these states and how is it possible to change them? What impact does our way of thinking, feeling or eating have on our body and health? Looking for the answers to these questions is what gives passion to life. Passion, that i can pass on. It’s a lifelong journey about everyday intentional work on ourselves, learning, and exploring hidden truths and answers.

To find the answers, I followed my intuition and started to learn and cooperate with the best people in this field like Paul Chek, Angie Lustrick, Donal and Cathy Carr, Roger Gilchrist, PhDr. Jíří Čumpelík, Ph.D. and many others.


Veronika TicháVeronika TicháVeronika Tichá


How it all started

Professionally, I have been devoted to my work for more than 16 years. However, fitness was my passion since I was 16 years old. My journey in the field of fitness and lifestyle gave rise my first trip to Australia in 2005 and meeting with Ben Ly (UTS Fitness Center, Sydney). Ben inspired me and motivated me in my professional development in fitness. From Sydney, where my journey had begun, I returned after 2 years as a personal fitness coach. A few years later I went back to Australia and afterwards to England to continue studying my approach to life and completed Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Program (HLC), founded by Paul Chek. We all want to have someone who inspires us and motivates us. And I was looking for a torchbearer with complex approach (physical activity, eating habits, and mind) in my profession for a long time. That is why, Paul Chek , the world celebrity of Holistic Lifestyle & Fitness, has become such a torchbearer for me.

What I was looking for, I found in Peru

The next place I was led by my intuition was Peru, specifically the Amazon. This is a place where deep work with the subconscious mind with local shamans unified my life up to now. More you can read in the article With Shamans in Peru in my blog.

Going through every level of my professional and personal development has been an enhancing experience for me. Faith in the power of my intuition has always guided me to the places I should have been. It has always been an impulse for me to move further, and to learn how to connect things and pass them on.

I wish to enrich my work with the latest mehtods and thechniques

Recently, my practice has been devoted mostly to holistic lifestyle coaching and functional fitness, which I supplement with corrective exercise. My goal is to continue to further my knowledge through studying in these fields, and therefore to bring the latest methods and techniques from all over the world to my business with the possibility enhancing you – my clients.

To provide you the best possible care, in march 2017, me and my partner, we opened our own lifestyle and movement studio Primal code in Prague 7. More information on