FlowinFLOWIN® was developed by top Swedish decathletes as a Functional Fitness tool. It provides total a body workout using your own body weight as a natural resistance. Training is performed on a large mat, which is the whole training plate with small pads for hands, feet, knees and elbows.

Friction Training

Every movement on FLOWIN plate is based on optimal positioning of joints and spine. The exercises are based on friction movements; by creating a pressure with your palms or feet into pads, it will lead to pad friction on the plate. Based on these movements, the FLOWIN plate has been patented as Friction Training™. By utilizing of these natural and free motion full-body movements, the plate is very thoughtful of your joints, as there are no jumps nor shocks during the workout. Therefore, under individual supervision, it is the right choice for everyone. Its attributes it meet all the functional movement principles.


It always depends on your bodyweight, number of support points and strength and the pressure you use for your workouts on the plate.

FLOWIN products

FLOWIN is available in three designs:

FLOWIN® SPORT is a three-layer foldable mat for private use in space-saving carry bag.

FLOWIN® PRO is a four-layer non-foldable mat for professional training, group workouts and rehabilitations.

FLOWIN® PRO MINI is smaller non-foldable option, easy to store and used for limited training spaces for sport and rehabilitation.