life is movement and movement is life

My approach

The goal of my approach is to increase kinesthetic perception of the body. Nowadays, everything is focused on visual perceptions. People tend to copy what they see for example on the Internet . As said well by Paul Chek, ‘Monkey see, monkey do.’ Only a few people can perceive what is really happening inside of the body while exercising . Therefore, I make every effort with my work to literally turn the clients’ perception inside their bodies. This will improve awareness of breath, position of body supports, and adaptation to any movement or load. The aim is to get in dynamic stability, in which overloaded muscles are literally relaxed and muscles which are not usually used will start to work afterwards. This will result in muscular interplay of support that the client then transferred into exercise. It will makes all of the muscles get invovled efficiently. The effect of exercise comes faster then as the client is able to consciously engage even the small deep muscles. Body is in balanced and straight position and muscles are naturally being shaped.

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What can you expect?

  • Fitness coaching under professional supervision one-to-one for 60 minutes in private studio in Prague 7. More information on
  • During an initial consultation, diagnosis and movement assessment, I will help you to set realistic goals based on your wishes and needs, state of your health, and time availability.
  • An individual approach - based on your evalutation of the initial consultation, I will choose for you the appropriate training methods and subsequently, your physical activity.
  • Movments based on the functional fitness and healthy exercising principles based on development kinesiology.
  • Control over the quality and correctness of the performed exercise. My work is always focused on the result; therefore, I will motivate you to achieve your goals in an easy, healthy way without any risk of injury.
  • We will base the exercise from the optimal positioning of your joints and spine to avoid any overload. You will experience in your body what it is spinal straightening, spine rotation, walking cycle, and where in your body your supports are.
  • You will start from basic and simple movement patterns (such as – squat, lunge, bend (dead lift), push, pull, rotation) with your own body weight. Subsequently, you will develop your motor skills and physical performance through more complicated exercises, greater load and speed changes of performed movements. You will get familiar with one-arm dumbbell, moving pulleys, and modern functional fitness tools (such as - TRX, flowin, kettlebell, bosu, terraband, medicinball, fitball).
  • During long-term cooperation I will constantly monitor your development and based on measurable progress I will evaluate your results on regular basis. Based on these results, I will adjust the training to your new goals and possibilities.


What will the Fitness coaching bring in your life?

  • healthy body posture
  • better physical condition
  • weight reduction and body shaping
  • coordination - improvement of body perception in the space
  • development of your strength, speed, endurance
  • development of flexibility and mobility
  • compensation for muscle imbalance and inappropriate movement stereotypes
  • exercise imitating daily movements through which you will eliminate the negative impact of one-sided strains to prevent injuries
  • effective breathing – deepening your breath and increasing your lung capacity
  • pain relief for your joints and spine
  • improvement of your aerobic and anaerobic abilities
  • physical and mental resistance