In an attempt to make things easier, we have made plastics, processed food and medical drugs …yet we have not only made things harder for ourselves and our children, we have become the greatest parasite Mother Earth has ever known.

Paul Chek

Holistic coaching philosophy offers you

  • your life perspective as a complex individual
  • conscious approach to body, health, mind, life, and the whole environment
  • entirely new and deeper perception of yourself, your body, and your life
  • finding weak spots in your system and a way how to work on them and strengthen them
  • maintain balance (Yin & Yang) among 6 foundation principals to achieve optimal health: Yin: Breathing, Nutrition, Sleep Yang: Thoughts, Hydration, Exercise
  • cooperation via consultations or individual programs: Educational program, Revitalizing program and Launch Diet program



Some people can live without thinking the whole life, wihtout movement years, without nutrition monhts, without sleeping weeks, without hydration week, but without breathing only few minutes. You will learn how to breathe correctly. You will explore techniques to relieve the pain and stress and to increase your concentration.


Heal your digestion, get rid of toxins and increase nutrient absorption. Discover your metabolic type and the appropriate food (fuel) combination to increase your energy. Explore new food, ways to prepare them, and where to buy them. Experience a change of taste, easier digestion and excretion, physical and mental resistance, and hormonal balance.


To achieve optimal health, you need enough regular and quality sleep. You will learn techniques to improve the quality of your sleep and its impact on your hormonal balance and physical and mental regeneration.


The mind is composed of your brain, and the thoughts that create who you are. You are what you think. Your thoughts reflects your emotional and hormonal balance, behavior, reactions, and your life’s journey choice – your dreams, ability to succeed, and to keep robust health and be in a good shape. The holistic approach identifies yet non-functional thinking and behavioral patterns and will replace them with new ones, for your functional patterns based on your real core values.


You will learn what impact dehydration has on your organism – on psyche, digestion, emotion, digesting, body movements, all-day performance and energy stability during the day. Up to 70% of our body is water. It not only hydrates and purifies our organism, but it is also necessary for a lot of chemical reactions in the body.


You will learn how to improve your posture, how to exercise correctly, and how to relax. You will also learn the importance of a work out and how to work in balance. From the consultation and your total state of health and stress levels in your life, I will help you to choose the appropriate exercise and activity for you. The exercise keeps the joints and muscles healthy. It helps with blood circulation and with organism detoxification. It is important for the movement of organs, and it helps the whole digestive tract.



You are the only one who can change that!

Each of us has a unique personality. As we grow in this personality, we find out what works for us and what does not in all aspects of life. That is why it is enough to listen to your body and look for the answers there. Your body knows what is good for it, what is not, and what it needs at any moment.

Example from life: you eat pizza and then you have stomach pains and cramps. Despite that you eat it again. It means that you are not unconscious of your body and its feelings. Realizing these feelings and reactions, and becoming aware of your thoughts and behaviors is the first step to change and a journey to the achievement of a long-term result.

If you thoughtlessly copy everything you see on commercials, the Internet, and done by the others around you, the results will be always temporary and often counter-productive.

Way of life these days can deaden our instincts. People live more in their head then in their bodies. They take care of their cars and pets more than they take care of themselves. They care more about the petrol quality for their cars than the food quality for their bodies.

You are the only one who can change that - and I can only hlep you on your way to change.


The formula for change is when the desire for change is greater than the resistence to change

If the idea of healthy eating and regular exercise makes you feel some discomfort and it seems too difficult and complicated, and like a lot of work to you, do not worry! It is not more difficult or complicated work than you are doing to manage your life of chronical fatigue, lethargy, anxiety, mood swings, irritation, obesity and never ending pains and illnesses. It is not hard to be healthy, to be vital, to be productive and to have a beatuiful body, it is just a choice. All you have to do is change your mind, to change your thinking and allocate your energy to achieving what you want, not what you don't want.


How to be a good example for the next generations?
‘The quality of life we live now, determines the quality of life for the next seven generations’.

Do you ever wonder why you actually eat what you eat and why you think what you think? From birth, we have been eating what our parents and society put on our plates. Our parents cook the meals they were taught in their homes. It is a deep-rooted practice. Family recipes and experiences have been passed on like that for generations. We cannot really blame them, they do the best they can at the moment. We often remain in these habits till adulthood. These are the same thought and behavior patterns which we have accepted as ours from our environment as well. It is up to us if we want to continue in this routine and tried stereotype or if we want to take our own journey. But if you decide on a change, you will first have to find out the truth about who we are, what is best for our bodies, our lives and our thoughts. Therefore, we will sow the seeds for new generation.


As a part of my coaching, I also offer to create individual programs which revitalize the whole digestive system and support overall health. The cooperation will be going on via face-to-face encounter, or communication either online or by phone. Find out more at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.