It is important for every woman to feel and look good. Of course, everyone has different demands for his/her body and look. My look is important for my work; it is a part of my lifestyle and my image.

I always wanted to look good and to have a slim figure. I tried various diets and worked out on my own, but it was still not happening, I found a trainer to get some training plan, but still none of this helped me to reach my dream.

I have known Veronika for almost two years. None of the session I have experienced with her was ever same. Each one differs from the other and is always tailored to my current condition. 

Veronika is my online lifestyle and fitness coach. Thanks to regular work outs and consultations about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy food, she got me back into good shape after my pregnancy.

"Training with Veronica, has tremendously and positively changed my life. Either one-onone lessons or those grouped with my daughter are hard, but unbelievably uplifting.

I met Veronika 6 years ago in World Class in Prague. In three years of regular work outs, she put me in perfect shape after my first baby was born; I have never felt so positive about myself and my body. Veronika is a very inspiring and creative person who has been always working on herself, and she has been developing. Her personal and professional development during last eight years is amazing.

"I've been training with Veronika for over 10 years, and I am most impressed by her dedication to continually improve her knowledge and expertise about physical fitness.

As an artist, I have a different daily regime, and I often travel for work. To be in a good shape with physical and health state is for me one of the three the most important levels of life - spiritual, mental, physical, which ensure a balance in my life. A healthy spirit is a healthy body.

I have never understood girls who attended a gym 3 times a week and couldn’t live without it. Everything changed when I met a petite brunette, Veronika. Already after the first work out, I knew that it could work here.

Veronika´s friendly and professional approach has been extremely helpful to both improve my physical condition and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

We came across Veronika when my husband decided «Enough is enough» and started a long journey of regaining his slim youthful body (shredding 20 extra kilos along the way).